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"The bluebird is well named, for he wears a coat of the purest, richest, and most gorgeous blue on back, wings, and tail; no North American bird better deserves the name, for no other flashes before our admiring eyes so much brilliant blue. It has been said that he carries on his back the blue of heaven and the rich brown of the freshly turned earth on his breast; but who has ever seen the bluest sky as blue as the bluebird's back?" (Quote describing the eastern bluebird from the Arthur Cleveland Bent series on the Birds of North America.)

Both the mountain and western bluebirds can be found in Nevada, although the mountain bluebird is more widespread. Bluebirds are usually found in fields, open woodlands, parks or along golf courses or other open areas, including suburban locations with open spaces and scattered tress. In the mountains they are found in clearings and meadows.

The mountain bluebird is well known for its hovering flight as it hawks for insects.

Male western bluebird

Red = summer range, Green = year-around, Blue = winter range


Male mountain bluebird

Red = summer range, Green = year-around, Blue = winter range

In The Backyard:
Bluebirds can be attracted to peanut butter mixes, suet and fruit. Raisins soaked in hot water to soften them are well received. The bluebird's special favorite is mealworms.

The mountain bluebird nests throughout Nevada in appropriate habitat. The western bluebird nests in the western and southern part of the state but its range extends across the state during migration. Both species will produce one, two or sometimes three broods a year.

If you manage a nest box watch for house sparrows trying to move in and immediately remove all house sparrow nesting material.

Visit the main Web site for information nest boxes and management, bluebird trails, range maps and much more on these popular birds. The Sam's Guide to Bluebirds CD-ROM and DVD provides complete information on bluebird trails, boxes, care and feeding and a whole lot more. - P.O. Box 181 - McKinney, TX 75070
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Phone: 972-562-7432
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